Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ewa Michalak vs. Comexim Sizing & Reviews of PL Burgund, PL Black, CHP Fiolek & Comexim Jennifer

These Polish brands have been put in quite the spotlight recently. To many women, these brands are somewhat unpredictable and mysterious. There are many rumors circulating about the fit of each style, shape and model in each brand. Those who have tried many Ewa's have found that the sizing varies from bra to bra, which is frustrating. My Ewa Michalak experience is limited to 3 bras and my Comexim experience is limited to just one. Please take this into account when listening to my advice. My observations of each bra will be limited to the specific models I have tried.

My overall impression is that both brands have similar high quality materials and construction. I have not ordered directly from either company, so I cannot evaluate the customer service of either brand. Comexim seems to run larger than Ewa Michalak cup-wise. I've found that Ewa bands run differently in each model, and the band of the Comexim Jennifer runs true to size.

Ewa Michalak CHP Fiolek 60JJ (28JJ)

CHP Fiolek :)
I sold this bra, so I had to make due with the pictures I had. I pathetically had to screenshot my own pictures from Bratabase because I deleted the files. This bra gives amazing uplift. It definitely rivals the Curvy Kate Fleurty and Freya Deco, which both give an amazing lift. The color is beautiful and I really love the little plaid bow on the gore. The material is amazingly soft and comfortable. The band is a 3-hook band with 4 rows.

Orange-in-a-glass, double boob and side spillage :(

Great lift and shape! :)

This was the first bra I tried that was deep enough for my boobs. Most bra gores don't lay flat on my close-set, full in the middle boobs. Another part of the gore problem is that just about every bra I've tried has been too small. This band was very tight on my 29" underbust. I could close it, but it was uncomfortably tight after wearing it for a few hours. I tried wearing it with an extender, but it threw off the cup fit a bit. I would love this bra in a 65J. I did have some quadboob, but I believe that sizing up to a 65 band would fix this issue. This is the only Ewa Michalak bra I have tried that fits in the cups. This bra runs true to size in the band and small in the cups.

Ewa Michalak PL Black 65HH (30HH)

PL Black

This bra has very thin, soft ivory cotton cups covered in black lace. The band has breathable mini polka-dot fabric near the edge of the cups. There are black ribbons and little black jewels on the straps. The lace and embellishments are beautiful. The band is a 3-hook band with 4 rows.

This bra runs quite small in the cups. I wear a 30HH in most brands, but I could use a 30JJ in this bra. The band is perfect, and it runs true to size.  I get a weird shape because the cups are too small, but the cleavage is awesome. This bra fits me well in the band.

Quadboob/Spillage, See the cute bows and jewels on the straps?

Ewa Michalak PL Burgund 70H (32H)
PL Burgund :)

This bra is made of unique materials, although that can be said for every Ewa Michalak bra. On Bratabase, this is classified as a bikini. This is not a bikini, but I can see why whoever added the model said that. The material is quite stretchy. The straps don't dig in as much as they usually do when they are composed of stretchy materials. The straps are thick (not wide), so the stiching of the layers makes them less stretchy. The roses on the tops of the cups are cute, but they ruin the bra's potential as a T-shirt bra. The cups are made of black foam and covered in the stretchy and satiny burgundy fabric. The band is a 3-hook band with 3 rows.The band on this is a little tighter than most 32 bands. It is the only 32 band I've tried that does not ride up my back.
PL Burgund

This bra fits okay in the band, but I would prefer a 65 band. It runs small in the cups. This is the sister size of the 30HH I normally wear. I would need a 65J/JJ in this bra to avoid doubleboob and spillage.

Comexim Jennifer Set 65M (30J) Plunge Bra and Large Thong

This is a lovely plunge bra.  The material is wonderfully soft. It is a seamed foam bra just like all the other bras in this post. It is black with pink little polka dots all over. There is pink elastic on the bottom of the band. This same elastic is on the thong as well. The band has 3 hook and 3 rows. There are two pink rosettes on the gore, and one on each strap. The thong has quite a thick waistband, and I find it very flattering. This set is lovely but I don't think it rivals some of the other Comexim sets. My favorite are the Blue Magic and Carmen :)

The band on this bra is perfect on me. Many say that Comexim runs tight in the band, but I didn't find that to be the case for the Jennifer. These cups are too big on me. Some women like to wear cups that are this big on them, but I do not like how this looks/feels. There is too much fabric. I am not getting much lift, and there is gaping at the armpits/tops of cups when I lean over. I do not like the cups to reach my neck. I also, prefer to have more cleavage in a plunge, like I do in my too-small decos. I believe I would still have plenty of cleavage in a mythical 30HH deco.
Gaping at the tops :(

More gaping :(

I am disappointed that this bra doesn't work for me, but I am also very happy that it's too big. This means that many women who have to custom order from Ewa Michalak can fit into a size 1-2 cups smaller in Comexim and order right off the website. I've heard some rumors that Comexim is much easier to communicate with than Ewa Michalak. . .

Has anyone else who has tried both brands agree with my cup sizing analysis?